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Vol.38,Issue 2,June 2024


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Occipital nerve block for headaches: a narrative review

William H. Arata,Rajiv K. Midha,Giustino Varrassi,Kelly Sala,Michael J. Plessala,Jared Brodtmann,Kylie Dufrene,Zachary Palowsky,Patricia Griffin,Shahab Ahmadzadeh,Sahar Shekoohi,Alan D. Kaye

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.010

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Systematic reviews

Open Access

Temporomandibular disorders in migraine and tension-type headache patients: a systematic review with meta-analysis

Paolo Bizzarri,Daniele Manfredini,Michail Koutris,Marco Bartolini,Luca Buzzatti,Cecilia Bagnoli,Aldo Scafoglieri

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.011

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Open Access

Prevalence and management of neuropathic injury caused by dental implant insertion in mandible: a systematic review

Jéssica Conti Réus,Patrícia Pauletto,Felipe Cechinel Veronez,Beatriz Dulcinéia Mendes Souza,Guenther Schuldt Filho,Cristine Miron Stefani,Carlos Flores-Mir,Graziela De Luca Canto

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.012

Abstract ( 478 ) PDF (8.61 MB) ( 58 ) Full Text

Open Access

Efficacy and safety of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation with different frequencies on neuropathic orofacial pain: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis

Manxia Liao,Yingxiu Diao,Jiaxin Pan,Ling Shing Wong,Geetha Subramaniam,Rajkumar Krishnan Vasanthi,Linrong Liao

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.013

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Original Research

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Safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action of the temporo-masseteric nerve block

Gayathri Subramanian,Divya Makhija,Sowmya Ananthan,Todd P. Stitik,Samuel Y. P. Quek

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.014

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Open Access

Development and validation of a search strategy and an automated classifier for retrieving temporomandibular disorders studies

Vicente Wielandt,Juan Fernando Oyarzo,Manolis Jusakos,Giuliana Lunecke,Diana Biscay,Claudia Bosio,Paula Zambrano-Achig,Sebastián Pinto,Magdalena Bignon,Gabriel Rada,Francisca Verdugo-Paiva

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.015

Abstract ( 577 ) PDF (660.57 kB) ( 92 ) Full Text

Open Access

Impact of chronic painful temporomandibular disorders on quality of life

Bruno Macedo de Sousa,David Neves,Jose Antonio Blanco Rueda,Francisco Caramelo,Maria Joao Rodrigues,Nansi López-Valverde

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.017

Abstract ( 471 ) PDF (1.3 MB) ( 53 ) Full Text

Case Reports

Open Access

Cancellous osteoma of the coronoid process: a literature review and rare case report

Zygimantas Petronis,Audra Janovskiene,Marijus Leketas

DOI: 10.22514/jofph.2024.021

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